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Artificial Grass (Aval. Sizes - 25mm, 35mm, 45mm)

Garden can add beauty to any location. Grass makes a vital element in development of garden. Because of the limitation of resources and climatic conditions, at times it becomes difficult to grow grass at certain places. In such places artificial grass takes place of natural lawn or grass. Artificial grass is surface resembling natural grass but is created using synthetic fibers. Artificial grass is extensively used in sports complexes and arenas. Most importantly we get to see artificial grass is covered stadiums and complexes.

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Artificial Grass
With an extensive use of artificial grass all over the world, in India the demand for artificial grass has increased. Artificial grass being low at maintenance has become best choice for many applications. The best quality of artificial grass is that though it is not natural grass, it gives a feeling of natural grass; it is eco-friendly as it does not require any pesticides or chemicals for its growth and above all it is a long lasting product which does not get faded because of heat and heavy usage.

Offer our artificial grass is available directly for sale to customers to install themselves and/or offer a complete installation package. We offer artificial grass which weighs around 2 kg for every square foot. With artificial grass, clients do not face the problem of stagnant water that is usually seen in case of natural grass after irrigation.

Artificial Grass Zero Maintenance
Artificial grass is often called low maintenance or NO maintenance lawn. Artificial grass is a good replacement for natural lawn. With natural lawn there arise issues like bare patches, yellowing of grass and growth of wild grass in the lawn. Some other issues that get eradicated with the use of artificial grass are grass mowing and mud being followed into your premises. Some of the major benefits of having artificial grass in gardens are: it is kid and pet friendly; it gives a feeling of being natural & real, it is environmentally safe, remains green for the whole year and above all it is maintenance free. Maintenance of any product, if more than its cost, actually makes it difficult to sustain. Especially in case of grass which is essential part of any building’s landscape. Maintenance of natural grass is both time consuming and costly. Natural grass needs to be trimmed at regular intervals, they need good irrigation, they need pesticides for growth and they have to be changed after few years. While artificial grass is most relaxing on maintenance.

Serena Artificial Grass
Gardens and landscaping in buildings and on terraces has become popular with the advancement of technology in developing artificial grass. Artificial grass being no maintenance grass plays a vital role in developing landscape and gardens in residential areas. Serena artificial grass best suits the requirement of having grass indoors, outdoors and on roof tops or terraces. They ideally decorate terrace garden in any apartment. Serena artificial grass is moveable and could be laid on almost all surfaces. They do not need any infill.

We are well known suppliers of Serena Artificial Grass that is manufactured from quality raw material which comply with all quality standards set by the industry. We cater to the requirement of known construction companies and architects. Our products are known for reliability and value for money.

Artificial Grass & Service
Artificial grass has been popular for both commercial as well as domestic applications. In commercial applications, artificial grass is widely used in sports complexes, commercial buildings, corporate houses, hotels, malls and in domestic applications, artificial grass is used in residential houses and apartments. Though artificial grass is maintenance free, it needs some service help from team of experts to install it. Nowadays artificial grass is installed as a package that includes the cost and service of installing artificial grass. Artificial grass service aims at creating safe and attractive surfaces that can replace natural grass which is at times difficult to maintain.

Leveraging on our wide experience, we offer comprehensive range of Artificial Grass that is used in gardens, doorsteps, hallways, on the edges of pools, terraces. We consider the interest of customers and offer the services accordingly. We are involved in providing service to transform your garden with artificial grass. We even provide professional landscaping services along with artificial grass.